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Health trivia and discussion about the accuracy of medical testing and the safety of supplements and pharmaceutical drugs.

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  1. Hey there, I read your post about curezone and iodine. I was taking iodine for months and had no problems and then started taking a vitamin b complex. Within days I had pain in one of my kidneys. I couldnt work out why and then I found a post on curezone saying that B1 and B2 allow the cells to uptake iodine. I also read about the bromide thing. I assumed that the pain in my kidney was the bromide coming out and so started to salt flush. I then read about chloride flushing out the bromide anf so started to do salt flushes with a table salt that had potassium chloride in it. Its been a week and the pain is still there, im worried that the bromide or something has damaged one of my kidneys. What would be your advice?

    Thanks very much

    Matthew Davies

  2. I have written on the bromine issue before. It is myth being perpetuated by the iodine crowd. Here is a link to my write up:

    And on the dangers of excess iodine:

    Being that it started when you started taking the B vitamins I suspect that you have a kidney stone. B6 can help break up kidney stones, which can cause them to move causing pain.

  3. read your article on the validity of liver flushes and it seems to make sense. I would like to ask you some follow-up questions if that is possible. Is this the forum for doing so? If not, how could I do so?

  4. Is there a protocol that you do support for eliminating the difficult problem of reflux?
    The information available is very contradictory and confusing to a lay person trying to seek help.
    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

  5. I have a write up that explains reflux and how to deal with it here:

  6. I don’t always see the comments on my blog. A better place to post your questions would be on and I will get to it as soon as I can. I have a lot of questions there I am still catching up on when I have time.

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